Swear along

I swear by virtue of righteousness and justice, I swear by the right path. From purity and cleanliness, by virtue of mercy, by virtue of people, and ultimately by the command of blood and the nature of mankind and honorable eternal foreshadowing in the perspective of our history everywhere. The refuge of humanity is to be proud of the origin of the work of creation and the most powerful superior ability that reflects the existence of the being.

With the deep thought and the call of this great artistic artist with the knowledge of Samanjar, I know from the gates of thought that is constantly evolving into the world with the recognition of my inner qualities (geometry, art of self-development, artistic creation and art of humanization, the creation of physical building and the creation of true songs) An unknown meaning and being. I find gitacs the key to self-knowledge, I go from the brains of faith, experimentation, knowledge, wisdom, art, and stamp to go to the gates of my thoughts (the House of Humans). My lesson .......... I'll go on a journey inside.
Elderly: I have a stiff neck and neck, I do not say hello, I do not hear the cry of disgrace, I do not know the rights of the anonymous and the disbelievers; I hate lies and disgrace, I know sinful sin. Without any struggle and endless struggle, I have no right to ask for anything from God, to seek life, to wake up, to be alert, to be tired, to try to be as brilliant and long-standing as my culture (I will make the people of the Gates a true power and ability to reconcile). I know the lie as the most ugly sin, I do not see any signs of my own indecisiveness, I'm on the forefront of the support of the immortal battle of goodness with evil, I do not forget, I know the deceiver as the creator of lies and lies A mirror I see as an impure view, I'm not afraid, Whatever the point of view of the thoughts, I am paying attention to my own mystery, self-respect, I take the key to my pride in the depth of humanity, I am not dual, familiar with the philosophy of my work and my cousin, I'm right, even if fear I'm not lying, but I'm hoping for bread, trying to get rid of any evil and ugliness. M I'm aware of the secret of being. I consider the opera of culture, namely, me, blood, line, history, religion, philosophy, art, poetry, and the only one of the nose as the secret of pride. Mehr is the first phenomenon of the gate and the twin (coordination). From the abyss of futile fanaticism, I live with the glory of the glorious humanity and proud of life. I appreciate any word that is in the current language. I am thinking of my soul and soul from the animal breeding grounds. Of all sorts of mischievous things, such as selfishness, eyesight, disability, intransigence, hostility, and any deficiencies in good fortune. In the field of abandonment, I want my efforts. I wear plain clothes. Getting health in the soul. I'm not going to flatter you. The key to your pride is the cultural elixir, capitalism, life and life, and the abstract of my great speech. Freedom and Freedom. I send sad complaints and discriminate against any kind of anonymous aspirations. I'm kicking the dirt ground. In the fight for Roein's life. I cursure past sinners. I think the discordance of speech with thought is the root of the deceitful people and the impure flood. Sustainability and loyalty in friendship should be understood. I went down to the real world in such a long time in a magnificent and constructive array of knowledge and insight with the harmony of my creation with the creation of the radiation of the thought of the power of humanity. Thank you for your love, song Javid, sing a victory ... in my thoughts.