Kung Fu TO'A History (Traditional)

The original and rooted art of Kung Fu TO'A was founded in 1949 with the motive for the development and development of Iranian martial and artisan thinking in the Army. Since 1352, it has been formally educated in the community. This art is rooted in the thousands of years of history and civilization of the land of Iran. The people who fought for hundreds of years in fights and martial arts led all the nations of the world and we know less of a nation that has not been influenced by the Iranian traditions and culture but unfortunately it has witnessed in the last century. We entered the Farahs, which, although influenced by culture and traditions, are far from the past, but have been introduced to other names. The martial arts that grew up in the Far East in our land. In fact, the feedback from the ancient arts of ancient Iran's culture and art has been of a more contemporary nature. It is not only an important part in the emergence of the art of Kung Fu, which is derived from our religious and national religions. Revive the culture of the ancient arts of Iran, but rather to a considerable extent prevent the development and development of other martial arts, and hundreds of thousands of interested young people are now active in this art or the secular styles, and this art is not only in the country today But also in the world as one of the strongest martial arts in the world with other styles.

 The statistics of heroes, coaches and enthusiasts of this Iranian art, both inside and outside the country, bear witness to this claim. The original art and human creator of Kung Fu went through a series of challenging times during the time of events, from 1359 to 1991, for some 11 years, its activities were prohibited by some authorities. This did not seem logical, since this 11-year ban period, despite the extreme constraints and the extreme conditions of continuing education, has attracted more than a million people from around the country to more than one million people across Iran, and some professors have come to Outside Iran, this genuine art was propagated in many prestigious countries of the world.

One of the most important factors in the rapid and rapid development of this art among Iranian youth is its alignment with the Islamic and cultural riTO'Als and the national history of this border and its technical principles have been created in accordance with the geographical and physiological conditions of Iranians. In the year 1369, with the active participation of alarmists and alarmists who were present at the education and training scene in the country, the activity of this art was restarted legally, but due to the lack of efficient and targeted management and the hasty decisions of technical and series of degrees that A solid foundation with a rooted and scientifically developed culture has been eroded, which has led to the emergence of different styles in recent years.

The heresies and the arrival of eclectic technical thoughts originating from alien cultures would undermine Iran's being and authenticity of Tu'A. Fortunately, Professor Mostafa Dehghanian, in 2003, took a timely action to preserve the great achievements of this art, whose fundamental principles in the fifties Designed to maintain all the scientific, technical and traditions of TO'A, it established the style of the Kung Fuwa Traditional, which, thankfully, won the official license with the number 6350/276 issued on February 14, 2003, which has been signed by the time chair of the federation. And with great interest from ToAs who are interested in maintaining the originality and achievements of the currency In spite of the tireless efforts of Professor Mostafa Dehghanian, who is committed to promoting the technical and scientific traditions and values, he believes that due to the variety of technical and scientific branches of traditional Kung Fu, as well as the spirit of creativity and innovation in this art with management Correct and effective, Kung Fu Traditional can be described as one of the strongest and most complete martial arts styles in the world, and a durable art that can always satisfy and satisfy its enthusiasts with every taste